• Oscar Wilde; Guillaume Apollinaire; Galignani publishers
  • nineteenth and early twentieth-century anglo-french literary culture; paranational cultural formations
  • nineteenth and early twentieth-century journalism; print and media culture
  • banned books; book censorship; pornographic literary cultures
  • sexual archives, collections, & institutes
  • digital approaches to text analysis; critical media making and maker culture; digital humanities
  • digital pedagogy; critical fieldwork; digital fieldwork; international exchange

Wilde Trials Web App

The Wilde Trials Web App is a custom-built textbase and text sharing detection program for analyzing international news reports about the three trials of anglo-irish playwright Oscar Wilde.

Underground Book History

This project uses material-oriented digital methods to analyse underground book history: texts, books, collections, bibliographies, and data.  One of its aims is to track literary censorship and censorship across translation.

Byron in Europe

A collaborative project that focuses on Byron and the transnational making of the Romantic canon.